Privacy Policy


● eSolution4Web only collects information which is voluntarily supplied by you through forms or by the client.

● Personal information collected will only be used for the purpose of billing and account administration or the domain registration.

● eSolution4Web will not share any of the information collected with external parties with the following exceptions – When an account is created which requires a domain name to be registered, we will as required by the domain registrars pass on to to them the following information:

– Contact Name

– Contact email address

– Company Postal Address

● When an account is cancelled with eSolution4Web all information collected from the user will be maintained until all accounts have been settled and for a period not less than 6 months after account cancellation.

● ESolution4Web has in place security measures to ensure that personal information stored on our system is secured and un-authorised access is prevented.

● Sensitive information such as credit card numbers will not be stored on computers that remain connected to the Internet on a permanent basis to further protect against misuse.

● Whilst eSolution4Web does have access to all information stored on our servers, we will at no time unless required by law disclose the contents of any information stored on our equipment.
When a domain name is registered, certain information is collected for use on the WHOIS service. The WHOIS service allows Internet users to query a domain name to find out the identity and contact details of the registrant. The public WHOIS service is a standard feature of domain name systems around the world. We have a domain name privacy service, which will hide the domain register personal information from public in WHOIS service websites.